Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Why Do Believer's Stumble in Their Christian Experience?

  1. They are ignorant of biblical truth
  2. They have been taught incorrectly
  3. They do not believe what the Scripture says
  4. They settle to easily for everything other than Scripture
  5. They will not pay the price to remain faithful 
  6. They take promises of God for granted
  7. They love sin and unrighteousness more than holiness and righteousness

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Starbucks CEO to Shareholders: If you support Biblical Marriage, Sell Your Shares!

Seattle, Washington — At the annual Starbucks shareholder’s meeting this past Wednesday in Seattle, company officials told those who support Biblical marriage that they “can sell [their] shares in Starbucks and buy shares in another company.”
According to reports, during the meeting, the founder of Corporate Morality Action Center expressed concerns over the company’s support of homosexual marriage. Tom Stobhar from the organization cited that the company’s stance affected shareholder earnings after Starbucks backed efforts to legalize same-sex “marriage” in Washington state last year. The company’s announcement had resulted in boycotts against the coffee king.
“In the first full quarter after this boycott was announced, our sales and earnings — shall we say politely — were a bit disappointing,” shareholder Tom Strobhar stated.
“Not every decision is an economic decision. Despite the fact that you recite statistics that are narrow in time, we did provide a 38% shareholder return over the last year,” responded Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. “I don’t know how many things you invest in, but I would suspect not many things, companies, products, investments have returned 38% over the last 12 months.”
“Having said that, it is not an economic decision to me. The lens in which we are making that decision is through the lens of our people,” he continued. “We employ over 200,000 people in this company, and we want to embrace diversity — of all kinds.”
The response drew both applause and cheers.
Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz
Schultz then concluded by saying, “If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38% you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares in Starbucks and buy shares in another company. Thank you very much.”
While some shareholders appear to be doing just that, a number of Starbucks customers have also refused to frequent the franchise as long as it remains opposed to Biblical marriage. One website,, launched a nationwide campaign to urge coffee lovers to go elsewhere for a cup of joe.
“We are urging customers across the globe to ‘Dump Starbucks’ because it has taken a corporate-wide position that the definition of marriage between one man and one woman should be eliminated and that same-sex marriage should become equally ‘normal,'” the effort’s website outlines. “As such, Starbucks has deeply offended at least half its US customers, and the vast majority of its international customers.”
As of press time, there were over 49,000 signatures on the campaign’s petition against the company.
“Starbucks is using its resources to invalidate traditional marriage in the US and redefine the institution of marriage despite the strongly held views of so many of its customers, including me,” the petition outlines. “Therefore, I will no longer purchase anything from Starbucks until you change your corporate values to be more reflective of my own.”
“Starbucks is proud to join other leading Northwest employers in support of Washington State legislation recognizing marriage equality for same-sex couples,” Starbucks outlined in a written statement last year when it announced its support for Washington’s push to legalize homosexual “marriage.” “We are deeply dedicated to embracing diversity and treating one another with respect and dignity, and remain committed to providing an inclusive, supportive and safe work environment for all of our partners.”
Starbucks was also among the over 300 U.S. corporations that signed onto a recent Supreme Court brief in an effort to overturn the nation’s Defense of Marriage Act. 

I don't own any shares so I don't have any to sell. However, I, for myself, have decided I don't need to drink their coffee any longer.

(Copied from the Christian News, dated November 18, 2014)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Is It Over Yet?

Monday  is the day of the week between Sunday and Tuesday. According to the traditional ChristianIslamic and Hebrew calendars, it is the second day of the week, and according to international standard it is the first day of the week.

 The name of Monday is derived from Old English Mōnandæg and Middle English Monenday, which means "moon day".

Wake me when it is over, would you?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Do You Love the Gospel?

There is something essentially wrong with a man who calls himself a Christian and who can listen to a truly evangelistic sermon without coming under conviction again, without feeling something of his own unworthiness, and rejoicing when he hears the Gospel remedy being presented.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Today is the Day of the Happy Dance!

Please forgive this personal and somewhat childish interruption to the normal schedule and programming of this blog. Today's topic is:

The Happy Dance!

You may use your imagination and visualize me doing the "happy dance" around my office today!

What makes me so elated and jovial that I must bust out in a happy dance? This!

I received and set up my first MFC, Wireless, and color printer!!!!! That's right homies, I now have a Brother, MFC 9130CW.

My first color job? The bulletins for Sunday.

Yes, you may join me in a chorus of "Yeah!"

Thank you, we now return to our normal and regular programming of this blog.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

What Does the Seven Churches Say to the Genuine Believer (Part 5)

The Church @ Laodicea - the lukewarm church

Christ tells John once again to write to the representative of this church

  • Christ says I know your works, I know, I am aware of your activity
  • What I know is that your attitude is neither hot nor cold
  • Because you are lukewarm [neither cold nor hot] I will vomit you out of my mouth
  • I know that you think and say that you are rich and in need of nothing

  • You are wretched
  • You are miserable
  • Poor
  • Blind
  • Naked

The tragdey is that you don't even know it

  • So here is what I am telling you to do

  • Buy gold from me, pure gold -without impurities

  • You will have proper wealth or riches
  • Clothe yourself in proper garments
  • Anoint your eyes so that you can see

  • I am outside your church, knocking to come in
  • If you let me in I will fellowship with you

What Does It Mean to be Lukewarm?

John used the Greek word cliaros

It means warm or tepid
It is not used in the LXX or in the NT
However it is used metaphorically in Rev 3 to describe the love/commitment of the Laodicean Church

--warm or tepid - slightly warm, room temperature

This church is mediocre in regards to spiritual things or the things of God
They were not outright spiritually destitute but they had no spiritual fervor

  • They were not hot - they did not possess a healthy spiritual temperature
  • They were not cold - they were indifferent to spiritual fervor

The waters of Hierapolis was hot or boiling - they provided some medicinal value
The waters of Colosse were cold - they provided refreshemnt

The "water" of Laodicea was tepid, lukewarm and did not provide anything beneficial

It is interesting, at least to me, that Jesus prefers the church to be either or. It amazes me that Christ would prefer the church to be ineffective. I can understand  him wanting the church to effective, but being ineffective or cold or dead is better than being busy with no love or fervor for God at all.

Christ would rather have rejection and even hostility than to say that you possess Christianity but remain untouched or unmoved by its "life" and "fire." There seems to be more hope for the open enmity but little or no hope for the absolute indifferent.

Who Are the Lukewarm?

An important question to me is who are those who are being charged with lukewarmness? Are they believers or are they unbelievers?

Some have suggested that these are Christians in the church (majority) who are "backslidden"

Some have suggested that these are individuals in the church who have heard the gospel, but responded without the aid of the HS or regeneration

Some have suggested that these are individuals who are unbelievers who have rejected the gospel openly and aggressively

  • I do not think these folks are Christians

  • First - Christ would not reject Christians (vomit you out of my mouth) Christ would chastise and correct His wayward, disobedient, or apathetic children

  • Second - Christ would not "evangelize" Christians - "buy from me what you need"

  • Christians aren't wretched - we are blessed having been accepted in the beloved
  • Christians aren't miserable - we are not destitute
  • Christians aren't poor-  Christ became poor to make believes rich
  • Christians aren't blind - with regeneration we now have spiritual ears and eyes
  • Christians aren't naked - we have been clothed with Christ's righteousness

To be continued…

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Does anybody have the 12 cassette ( or CD version) of the unabridged audio book I, Claudius read by Derek Jacobi? I would love to buy it?